Thirteen Things I wonder About

(Sometimes to the point of not sleeping!)


  1. Why did the salesperson at Target the other day say the word “gerbil” with a hard G (like in goat) when he was explaining to me that they didn’t have guinea pig food only hamster and gerbil food?
  2. Why did that story make my husband and daughter laugh all evening like it was the funniest thing they’d heard in days?
  3. Why are people so quick to say something mean in an email and then follow it up with, “I don’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings, but…” and proceed to repeat it making sure they “subtly” let you know who they’re talking about?
  4. Why do people who are anti-something join pro-something groups just to be able to say nasty things to the members of the group?
  5. Why can’t our mail come at the same time every day?
  6. Why do I always misplace the book I’m in the middle of reading?
  7. Why do people in the South keep the air conditioning set at around 60 degrees so I have to wear a hoodie to visit the dentist???
  8. Why is it necessary for my kids to scream across the house rather than come and find me?
  9. Why does everything always take longer than you think it will?
  10. Why don’t people use turn signals?
  11. Does spam really work?
  12. Why do I get spams for male enhancement and breast enlargement on the same day?
  13. Why would Noah take cockroaches on the Ark?