Time is getting shorter! The cruise for the Caribbean in getting closer. Check out this page. We’re going to have a great time and I’d love to see all of you there! I know Susan and I have been posting some of our preparation updates over at RomanceNovelTV. You should come by and check in.

My update on the cruise: I’ll be flying into Orlando around 2:30 pm on 21 Jul. A check of my wardrobe shows that I’m in desperate need of cruise worthy clothes, so I’ve been digging through my fabric stash to make some new stuff. So far I’ve cut out a flippy skirt and I’m about half way finished with it. I’ve order some lime twill fabric for pants but I don’t know if it’ll arrive in time. I think I’ve got some white with pink palms on it that I’ll make another skirt. I think with a few bright colored t-shirts, I’ll be set to play jet setter on the cruise. I still need a bathing suit, but I’ll see about getting on next week.

Writing Update:

I’m still waist deep in edits and rewrites for Sword & Illusion. Part of the delay is that I’ve taken out a pivotal incident (it was necessary for the plot but didn’t make sense for the characters and the story) and that requires a lot of fiddlin’ to make things work around it and new scenes added to have things make sense.

Weight loss Update:

Weight Watchers Day: Down 1 pound! That’s 14 pounds total.

Book Review Update:

No one commented on my review of Divine By Mistake so I will give it away to a friend. Tomorrow I’ll do a review of another book, and the same give away rules will apply. Anyone who comments and says they want the book will be entered into a drawing to win it.

Other Author Work Update:

I’m judging the Chick Lit Writers of the World Get Your Stiletto in the Door contest, the inspirational category. I have three more entries to judge before the 15th of Jul.