I’m not Chevy Chase, but I wanted to get you all caught up on what happened around here this weekend.

Friday Juliette didn’t have school so Noah and I took her to the Office of Motor Vehicles to get her driver’s license. So, yes, ladies and gentlemen, my daughter is a legal driver!!!

Then that evening we went to the local mall so she could attend a listening event at the local Hot Topic store about the newest My Chemical Romance album. It’s her favorite band and in fact, her favorite store, even if her little brother calls it “the scary store.” I don’t blame him. I actually found a t-shirt there I liked. It had the X-men from the cartoon on it, but I refused to buy it for two reasons: the price and it kinda creeps me out to think of owning a shirt from that store!

On Saturday there was a HeartLA meeting and Juliette DROVE HERSELF to a slumber party! Her father was a wreck about it and was very upset about his little girl growing up. He’s a little worried about her sense of responsibility because she doesn’t do her chores around the house very consistently. He told her tonight that if she didn’t do at least six of her chores this week, there will be consequences. I did the dishes, though, because she had a lot of studying to do.

On Sunday, we went out to McDonald’s for lunch, and I was okay with it even though this week I was making a commitment to track all of my food and Weight Watcher’s points. I had a lot of the flex allowance points left so I splurged.

Today I ran out to Penney’s to get Noah long pants and a sweater for school as it was in the 40s this morning. It may be Louisiana, but a little boy doesn’t need to go to school in shorts when the temp is in the 40s. Then this afternoon I went to Weight Watchers.

I WAS DOWN 3 POUNDS!!! Yea, me! The program works, when you do it. I will admit that today I splurged a little to celebrate but tomorrow it’s back on track!

I also went to the Missus Smarty Pants site and signed up for a year of help in finding out my style and getting some dressing advice. I want to get out of the t-shirts and jeans thing and start wearing cute clothes! I may head to Target tomorrow and see about getting myself a cute top to wear instead of t-shirts!