My Tuesday Treasure this week is a sick call kit my sister-in-law gave us. Neither Steve nor I were born and raised Catholic, so neither of us had seen one before, and he thought it was one of a set of Stations of the Cross from an old church. She’d found it in an antique store, so that idea wasn’t so far fetched. However, a Catholic friend of ours said no, it was a sick call kit. Old Catholic families would have these in their homes so when someone was sick and the priest visited, everything he needed for annointing and all would be here. As you can see from this picture:
there’s all kinds of things here, including a silver dish for the Blessed Sacrament and a bottle for holy water and a crucifix. On the sides of the little door, you can see places for small candles. I have no idea what it’s worth, but it’s a very special treasure.