Last weekend my little guy was very sick. Friday morning he woke up with a fever and it lasted until about Saturday afternoon, off and on. He still didn’t act like himself until sometime Monday afternoon.

The weekend before that my daughter was terribly sick, although without the fever and throwing up the boy had (I think he has a sensitive stomach). She missed Thursday, Friday, Monday and Tuesday from school.

Hubby stayed home from work one day with a cold.

So, now, I feel like I’m getting it, but you know what? I’m on immunosuppressants, so I should get things more easily, but I don’t. I’m usually the only who doesn’t get the colds and stuff. However, for the last two days, it’s felt like the thing was coming, but it never gets here enough to actually say, “Yes, I’m sick and going to bed.”

So, I end up feeling lousy but not enough that I can stop work or have anyone actually feel sympathy.

Am I weird to wish this would just develop into a full blown cold and get it over with? Or go away completely and let me have my energy back? At least if I got SICK sick I’d know it was coming to an end. This just hovering around the edges drives me crazy!